Provides Easy Access For Learners And Educators Anytime, Anywhere!

Use MyELT to assign your students activities for independent online practice. A gradebook allows tracking of student progress and provides information to support and assess individual and class performance.

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Keeps Students

with interactive activities that reinforce and consolidate lessons from the Student's Book.

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Allows Instructors To
Manage The Classroom

and track learner progress, with assignment creation, messaging, and progress reporting tools.

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Integrates With Your Existing Learning Management System

for a simpler user experience, without needing additional usernames or passwords.

Get Started

Prepare for a successful first day of class using the MyELT platform.

Teacher Navigation Guide
Teacher Navigation Guide (LMS Integrated)
Class Start Checklist
Online Professional Development

Become an Expert

Watch these video tutorials to learn how to use MyELT to set up courses, assign homework and track progress.

MyELT Instructor Tutorials: Log-in
MyELT Instructor Tutorials: Create a Course
MyELT Instructor tutorials: Create an Assignment
MyELT Instructor Tutorials: View an Assignment as a Student
MyELT Instructor Tutorials: View Class and Student Progress
MyELT Instructor Help Site

Student Resources

Download and share these resources to help students and parents get started with MyELT.

MyELT Student Quick Start Guide
MyELT Student Quick Start Guide (LMS Integrated)
Student Login
MyELT Help Site