Reach Higher 4B

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Language(s): American English



1st Edition

©2020, Published

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Reach Higher guides students to learn English, learn about the world, and learn about themselves through authentic content with a global perspective. Primary students develop the academic language skills and content knowledg ...more


Uses fiction, science, and social studies content to develop English literacy, and the skills and strategies necessary to learn independently

Teaches the academic language, vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and conversations students need to get an education in English

Includes authentic cont ...more

Instructor Components
Reach Higher 4B: Teacher's Book


A streamlined, step-by-step instructional approach provides flexible lesson plans to help teachers plan and deliver their lessons, with the option to use suggested extension activities as needed. Includes best-practice ... more

Student Components
Reach Higher 4B: Practice Book


Reach Higher 4B: Student's Book/Practice Book Package