Great Writing, Fifth Edition


6 Levels

Elementary/High Beginner to Proficient

American English

Up to 10 Teaching Hours/Week

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Great Writing, Fifth Edition provides clear explanations, extensive models of academic writing, and lots of practice to help learners write great sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

‘Elements of Great Writing’ teaches the fundamentals of writing, and a final task allows students to apply what they have learned.

With expanded vocabulary instruction, sentence-level practice, and National Geographic content to spark ideas, students have the tools they need to become confident writers.

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Keith S. Folse

Dr. Keith Folse is a Professor of TESOL at the University of Central Florida. He is the author of 57 textbooks on a variety of subjects from grammar to vocabulary to composition, including five best-s... more

April Muchmore-Vokoun

April Muchmore-Vokoun is a faculty member in the English for Academic Purposes Department at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) in Tampa, Florida. She has taught in intensive English, college-level,... more

Elena Vestri Solomon

Elena Vestri Solomon is currently a lecturer in the B. Ed program for future teachers in Abu Dhabi's Emirates College for Advanced Education. She received her MA in Applied Linguistics from the Univer... more

David Clabeaux

David Clabeaux has taught developmental English, with a focus on grammar, at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. He received his BA in English from the University of Buffalo. He cur... more

Tison Pugh

Tison Pugh is professor of English at the University of Central Florida. In addition to the Great Writing series, he has published many books and edited volumes on writing, reading, and pedagogy. 
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From the Classroom

“I just want you to know how timely the sample essays in Great Writing 5 have been this quarter! Just yesterday, on Zoom, a student told me she was not sure she wanted only online classes next quarter. I referred her to the comparison essay on face-to-face vs. online classes and reminded her how that essay tells us how to decide for ourselves!”

Seattle Central Community College, USA

New to This Edition

It’s important for us to take a step back and remember that words make sentences, and sentences make paragraphs and eventually essays. We need to remember that any paragraph or essay is only as good as the words and sentences within.

Great Writing 5 New Objectives

  • NEW Unit Structure:
    1. Elements of Great Writing
    2. Building Better Vocabulary
    3. Building Better Sentences
    4. Writing
  • NEW National Geographic images and content spark students’ imaginations.
  • UPDATED ‘Academic Writing Models’ encourage students to analyze and use the features of great writing in their own work.
  • EXPANDED ‘Building Better Vocabulary’ highlights academic words, word associations, collocations, word forms, and vocabulary for writing.
  • EXPANDED ‘Building Better Sentences’ moves from editing to sentence writing and finishes with sentence combining for more refined writing.
  • NEW Guided online writing practice takes students through the writing process.
  • NEW ‘Test Prep’ section prepares for high-stakes standardized tests, including IELTS and TOEFL.
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