Student Stories

Student Stories video featuring Moraine Valley Community College student Late Romeric Lawson.



Hello, everyone. My name is Late Romeric Lawson. I'm from West Africa, Togo. And today I'm going to talk about myself. I have to start learning English because English is not my first language. My first language is French. And I have to pass through the ESL program. First of all, I start my first time I got in this country, I start with dish washing. That's the first job my brother find me. I took the BNAT, the basic nursing assistant training. And I took the state test. I passed the test now. I work like a nurse assistant. We have the elderly and some people who like came from hospital. Help them to get back in shape.

All of our students are very special in our program and they all come here with unique stories. One of those students is Late.

So Late is a rockstar. There's no other way to describe him.

Late was one of the students who took advantage of the opportunities that we had to offer in our English as a Second Language program. He also took a bridge to healthcare class that we offer within our program. Who knows, he could be my doctor one day.

We have to help each other to reach certain goals. Like the doctor have to help the mechanic to be healthy. And the mechanic have to fix the doctor car. All of us have a specific role in the world.

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