Teachers talk about Life in their classrooms

Watch real teachers talk about how bringing Life into their classrooms makes teaching easier and increases conversation.



- These are the books that represent the stories of our students.

The one thing that sticks out that's unique about Life that makes it easy, is that it's super, I can customize it. It makes teaching easier. Depending on the level of the class. Okay, so I teach level three, but sometimes a class is a little bit weaker. Sometimes you have a stronger class. Sometimes you have a lot of people that want to raise their hands and sometimes the classroom is quiet. So the material in Life make it very easy to customize based on the group that you have for that particular class. The wonderful thing about the video is that it's real life. So you're not making things up. It really is happening. And that's, I think something that resonates with myself and with students.

The Life materials make my teaching easier. They give me more time to focus on the students and engaging them because they really present a curriculum that by nature is interactive and thought-provoking. It promotes critical-thinking. So it gives way to a lot of great discussions and it engages my students really well.

When you have students that come from various countries in your class, anytime you can get them to engage with one another is a celebration for a teacher. My favorite unit in the Life book is the food unit, because as we know, food brings people together. And especially when students are from different countries and have different cultures, food really brings people together. And bringing food to share, they share a little bit of them. They share their family, they share recipes and culture. And then, you know, that also leads into a conversation. You know, when you have students that struggle to talk to one another, maybe language barriers, might be that, they bring in their food and suddenly the whole class is talking.

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