Voices, with Annie Griffiths

In this video, National Geographic Photographer Annie Griffiths explains how the Life as Lived Photo Expedition brings the perspectives of real people, real places and everyday life into the English classroom.



To become a photographer, you have to be interested in storytelling. I'm very comfortable listening and watching and waiting for the right moments to happen, and the moments that I really feel resonate, you cannot art-direct. They're real. They're more subtle and more beautiful and more universal than a posed picture.

What I love about the Life As Lived project is that it's focused on real people, real places, everyday life. It's that wonderful perspective.

What I think photography and storytelling do so well is they humanize a place, a culture, an issue...it's very easy for us to just think of the rest of the world as "over there." But when you see a photograph and you have an emotional response to a moment between other people in another place, it ignites empathy. It ignites curiosity to know more.

I've been privileged to work in over 150 countries, and the best part of that is that I have these experiences, and am charged with the responsibility of translating those experiences for other people to learn.

You know, for me it's do your job, and hope that those photographs and those stories will inspire others to make a real difference.

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