Voices, with Rubén Salgado

In this video, National Geographic Photographer Rubén Salgado discusses how real and authentic photography can help stimulate curiosity and make connections across different places and cultures.



Hi. My name is Rubén Salgado Escudero. I'm a contributing photographer for National Geographic.

I used to work in the video game industry and I wasn't identifying with the projects I was working on. I decided that I should channel my creativity in the real world instead of the virtual world.

One of the ways I like to communicate with anyone, whether I speak their language or not, is through universal language – smiling, being kind, being open, showing someone that you're curious about them and allowing them to be curious about you.

However, you always have to be open to also trust your gut and your instinct, and when you see a magic moment, for example, or a certain type of light, or anything that speaks to you in any way, you have to trust it and that's usually what I photograph.

Even if you're in Siberia or you're in Ghana or you're in Puerto Rico, there's a lot more things that unite us as people than those things that separate us.

Photography has the power to humanize the other. Through an image, through a picture, we are able to feel something. We're able to humanize or to connect with that person or that topic even if they’re thousands of miles away and have nothing to do with your reality and your world.

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